Anand Agarawala
Portfolio and Demo Reel:

Technical Skills

·        Extensive experience with C, C++ and STL, C#, VisualBasic, .NET, Win32, Java, Python, OpenGL, GDI+, VisualStudio, NovodeX Physics SDK, TabletPC SDK, WinTab, OpenCV, Maya, MEL, Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, HTML, XML, PHP, Dreamweaver, Flash.

·        Experience with MATLAB, SQL, Qt, JavaScript, CSS, RSS.

·        Skilled in rapid prototyping interactive graphics and 2D/3D user interfaces.

·        Extensive training in fundamentals of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and Usability.

·        Proficient videographer, productions include 3D Animation, Music Videos, Short Film Fiction, Documentary, Interactive Flash, TV segment and opening sequences, Advertisements, Visual Effects and Bluescreening.


Relevant Project Experience

Masters Thesis - Enriching the Desktop Metaphor with Physics, Piles and the Pen      Sept 2004 – Jan 2006

·        Pioneered novel physically based desktop interface leveraging expressive power and casual nature of real desks.

·        Patent pending.  Commercialization in progress.  Generated industrial interest from top research executives at Microsoft Research, Pixar, XeroxPARC, Alias and SMART Technologies. 

·        Received highest peer review scores out of 12 University of Toronto submissions to ACM CHI conference, the largest and most prestigious HCI conference in computer science.

·        Designed and implemented a large scale pen driven interactive system incorporating state-of-the-art physics and visualization packages.


Undergraduate Thesis - SuperSkewer 3D Graph Interaction                                       Sept 2003 – May 2004

·        Developed inexpensive webcam system for 3D tracking of an infrared wand using OpenCV vision package.

·        Prototyped suite of interaction techniques for 3D graph interaction, visualization.



Primary Author and Presenter:

·        Keepin’ It Real: Pushing the Desktop Metaphor with Physics, Piles and the Pen.  Full paper to appear in ACM CHI 2006.


·        The Context-Aware Pill Bottle and Medication Monitor. (primary author/presenter).  Presented at Ubicomp 2004 – Conference on Ubiquitous Computing.


Secondary Author and Presenter:

·       PhylloTrees: Harnessing Nature's Phyllotactic Patterns for Tree Layout.  Presented at InfoVis 2004 – IEEE Symposium on Information Visualization;  EuroGraphics - IEEE Symposium on Visualization


Professional Experience

BumpTop                                                                                                          April 2006 - Present

Founder and CEO

·        Created a startup based around Masters thesis.  Recruited, built and nurtured top tier team from 1 to 16.  

·        Laid the foundation for vision, product strategy and roadmap.  Led business development and technical sales.

·        Secured bundling and partnership deals with leading OEMs (HP, Lenovo) and graphics/multi-touch panel manufacturers. 

·        Attracted $1.65 million of angel and venture capital financing.


University of Toronto                                                                                                    May 2005 – Nov 2005

Department of Computer Science – Teaching Assistant (Human Computer Interaction)

·        Led tutorials for 15 graduate and Ph.D. students in course webcast nationwide across many universities.

·        Instructed C# and groupware toolkits for rapid prototyping of collaborative software.


InnoVis Research Lab                                                                                                   May 2004 – July 2004

University of Calgary – Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council - Research Assistant

·        Investigated visualizing hierarchical information as naturally occurring fractals. 

·        Published in premier information visualization conference IEEE InfoVis 2004.

·        Developed flexible C# and OpenGL-based interactive software for exploring diverse visualizations.

·        Novel approach resulted in optimal packing, intuitive control and aesthetically appealing graphs.


Interactions Research Lab                                                                                             May 2003 – Sept 2003

University of Calgary – Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council - Research Assistant

·        Prototyped RFID based system for reminding the elderly about medication through SMS, XML and the web.

·        Produced first commercially viable product from lab’s Phidgets hardware prototyping toolkit.

·        Developed .NET wrapper, components and skins for COM-based Physical Widgets API.


IASTED - International Association of Science and Technology for Development        Summer 2001, 2002

Graphic Designer, Production Engineer, Assistant Publisher

·        Designed brochures, conference proceeding covers and promotional material for worldwide distribution.

·        Assessed and optimized existing workflow with Python scripts reducing several 2 hour processes into minutes.


Calais Printing                                                                                                             May 1997 – May 2001

Graphic Designer

·        Designed brochures, business cards and signage for small and medium sized businesses.

·        Experience in print shop processes and preparing files for output bureaus.


Awards and Media Coverage

·        Named by Business Week magazine as one of the Top 20 Young Tech Entrepreneurs of 2009

·        Press coverage of BumpTop in the NY Times, BBC World News, Wall Street Journal, Globe and Mail, ABC, NBC, the prestigious TED conference

·        BumpTop is one of the most watched video of software on YouTube ever, over 5.6 million views

·        Has filed several UI related patents and often speaks at conferences and universities across North America, Asia and Europe on topics ranging from next generation user interfaces to entrepreneurship

·        Awarded $88,000 in graduate scholarships – 2006 NSERC PGS D National Scholarship ($63,000), 2005 Ontario Graduate Scholarship ($15,000), 2004 Wolfond Fellowship ($10,000).

·        Awarded $18,000 in undergraduate competitive academic scholarships and national research assistantships.

·        Interactive Flash Anand’s Dancing Machine featured on frontpage of CBC ZeD site viewed over 10,000 times.

·        Produced over 20 short film pieces aired on CBC, NUTV, and at the University of Toronto Film Festival.



Masters of Computer Science                                                                                      Sept 2004 – Jan 2006

University of Toronto, GPA: 3.9/4.0

·        Focused studies in HCI, User Interfaces, Interactive Graphics and Computer Animation.

·        Thesis   Enriching the Desktop Metaphor with Physics, Piles and the Pen.


BSc. Honours in Computer Science, Minor in Art                                                       Sept 1999 – April 2004

University of Calgary, GPA: 3.7/4.0

·        Focused studies in HCI, Graphics, Computer Animation, Games Programming, Art and Video production.

·        Thesis   Super Skewer - 3D Graph Interaction for Large Displays.


Volunteer Experience

NUTV – New University Television                                                                                Dec 2003 – May 2004

Movie Critic, Production Assistant

·        Hosted, filmed and edited weekly movie review show.  Coordinated directly with studio representatives. 

·        Produced over 13 short pieces that aired on the NUTV cable channel and campus closed circuit TV.

InfoVis                                 October 2004


Activities and Interests

·        Competitive team sports such as hockey and basketball.

·        Travel - enjoyed trips to India (Term Abroad Programme), across Europe and North America.

·        Film and video production, hip-hop music creation. Photography prominently featured on wallpaper websites.


Portfolio and Demo Reel at or on request