Anand's Video Portfolio

NUTV Related

Bumper for [NUTV].

SpeakTank Love Ad
Ad to win a date with Me [NUTV].

Gregor and Anand Movie Show Intro
Funky movie review show intro [NUTV].

Intro Texture Remix
Outtakes" from above movie review intro.

Movie Review: Triplettes of Belleville

Movie Review: Fog of War


Indian Kids Say the Whitest Things
Documentary on growing up as an Indo-Canadian.  Length: ~7mins.

TeddyPhidget Music Video
Cpsc class project, explain the phidget project you made.

Anand the Dancing Machine
Watch me Dance [ZeD].

National Geographic: North American Geek
Animation on computer nerds.

Jetson's 3D Animation
Jetson's Cartoon in 3D.

Context Aware Pill Bottle
Informational Video on summer research project at University of Calgary.

Poontang Paul - Put Your Money Where the B***** Could See
Satirical Rap Song. [explicit content]


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