Documentation: How to use the Personality Mix Button

To use the Personality Mix in a VB program you simply download both the .OCX Control (below) and the .SWF shockwave file. Then in your VB go to the menu Project>Add Component and choose "AnandsPersonalityMix". This will add a new icon to your toolbar. Click the new "AnandsPersonalityMix" icon and place the control on your program. Be sure to make it big enough so that its all visible!

Nothing further is required. Once the control is placed and the Program run, the game will begin playing on its own. Make sure that the intended users have Flash 6 installed on their system. If not, they may install it from here. All user interaction is done within the ShockwaveFlash component, nothing further must be handled.

Performance Notes:

-To have smooth video playback and crisp transitions from one clip to the next a fast computer is necessary. The magnitude of "fast" hasn't been determined as I've been unable to do any real testing on different machines.

-The file can take a while to play. I've seen loading times of a full minute after the file is downloaded but before the video begins to play, the audio usually starts right away, though.

Download       [Watch Online]     .ZIP archive (79MB)       .OCX file       .SWF file (80MB)

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.SWF file (80MB)

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